Great News for The Quarry at Mount Tom:

At the end of June 2022, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation took over the Quarry and adjacent former Mt Tom Ski area parcel, in a settlement with Mt Tom Companies in its bankruptcy case. The area is now preserved for future generations; more info on the settlement via the Daily Hampshire Gazette

From Jennifer Howard at DCR, Director of the Land Protection Program: "Now that the former quarry and former Holyoke Boys and Girls Club are protected, DCR is working to implement some basic safety measures to secure and clean up the site. Moving forward DCR will work with its partners and the City to explore options to further restore the quarry area, protect the natural habitat, and ensure the popular walking trails in this area are safe and available to the public."

THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED SAVE THE QUARRY! We could not have done this without your support.

Mount Tom is a 1200 foot mountain that is shared by Holyoke and Easthampton, Massachusetts. Parts of the mountain have been conserved by the Trustees of Reservations, US Fish and Wildlife, MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, The City of Easthampton, Kestrel Land Trust, and Pascommuck Trust. There is a reservoir on the mountain, Whiting Reservoir, that is a back up Holyoke drinking water supply. 









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The former quarry site is home to rare plants and has been a nesting site for peregrine falcons. These falcons are protected in the State of Massachusetts. Commercial trucking traffic in an and out of the area and the physical disruption of nesting habitat could threaten these protected species. While dumps are regulated by the State, there are no guarantees the contractor will act in good faith. In 2012, a similar local landfill project ended in environmental violations and $3.25 million in fines.

The proposed dump site is just uphill from one of the city's water supply reservoirs. The Whiting Street Reservoir, one of four of the city's reservoirs, is currently a back up drinking water supply. Keeping this water supply clean is important to the future of our area's growth. Contamination and leaching into surrounding land becomes a problem we all have to pay for. Clean, abundant water supply is attractive to new commercial industries like cannabis and indoor farming. Allowing a landfill to be placed just uphill from the reservoir is too great of a risk for Holyoke.

A dump of this size would add considerable commercial dump truck traffic to residential areas of Route 5, highway off ramps, and hiking locations along Mt Tom access road. These commercial dump trucks would bring increased pollution, noise, and congestion to the surrounding community, diminishing any future eco-tourism economic development plans. They could also create disruptions in the habitat of animals, birds, and plant life on the mountain.

Having an active dump site on the mountain would impede the potential for other economic development opportunities surrounding the area. Businesses that allow for passive recreation, like concert venues, eco tourism, ropes courses, etc would all be impacted negatively by 10-20 years of dump trucks hauling debris and fill onto the mountain. An active dump site could also impact housing values in surrounding residential areas.


Contact your State and local officials (Holyoke and Easthampton especially) and ask them to ensure that the old quarry site becomes part of the state park rather than a dump.

Spread the word. The more people who know about this project and oppose it, the better.

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